Cynertia, do you dare to win?

Cynertia is a business and IT consulting firm with the mission of accelerating the growth of our clients. We are especialized in delivering agile solutions for high growth innovative technological companies and startups that can’t wait for traditional methodologies to bring out results. Our lean tools enable our clients to get a rapid payback through swift results.   


Some of our capabilities are:


New problems require new solutions. Therefore, our methodologies are designed to enable your team to:

  • Discover and validate the best opportunities, features and customers for your customer.
  • Implement your products and services fast, overcoming the hurdles and risks characteristic of innovative projects.
  • Explore and deploy the business model that will bring you to the desired growth. 
  • Apply disruptive strategies.


In addition, we can help you in bringing your startup to the next level through a business plan with which showing the unique value of your project to investors and partners.


And if you need to set up a subsidiary of your high tech company in Barcelona, we can help you with our business landing services.


Whether you need your project to focus on its current pathway or you need it to pivot strategically, our solutions will guarantee you fast results.


Each project has unique needs. Know how we can help you to achieve your vision.