Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

An effective strategy to improve your Web presence in search engines, social and professional networks and other media can add an additional inflow of prospects and customers with a low investment.
Obtaining new business from your Internet presence strategy is not limited to attract more visitors but even more important, reach the most profitable audience and achieving the maximum rate of visitors that contact you to place you requests for commercial offers. That last concept is know as "conversion rate".
Therefore, a global corporate marketing and communication strategy should shape the Internet presence plan to add more value. That is far more better than just pay an Internet specialist to position you "high" on the search engines results.
Cynertia provides you that global service, encompasing consulting disciplines from the business and the Internet sides, that increases your sales and not just your website audience.
To increase the business coming from the Internet, you can rely on our services:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Effective web design
  • Effective contents design (information architecture)
  • Design and management of advertisement campaigns (Google AdWords)
  • Social Media and Social Networks Marketing
  • Market Research in Social Networks (facebook, linkedin, tuenti, etc).


A presentation talking about marketing, advertisement and search engine optimization.


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