The 1-page Guide to Scrum

This guide to Scrum in a single page summarizes this framework introducing its events, roles and artifacts as well and some other related tools and techniques such as: the Burndown Chart, the Planning Poker, the Kanban board, etc.

A Scrum case in the financial sector

Cynertia working together with identifying and translating to Catalan a pioneer experience of Scrum adoption in the financial sector (ING Netherlands). You can reach the original article  original article translated here.

Mobile World Congress 2013 Barcelona - Apps and Emerging Technologies

You will find attached the list of the most interesting emerging technologies that we have found at Mobile World Congress 2013 BarcelonaCynertia can help you to find and desploy business and technology innovation solutions for your company based on these and other technologies.

The publishing and press sector: from paper to digital

This article summarizes our vision about the callenges that the publishing and press industry is currently facing, together with the main aspects that should be analyzed when it comes to define a strategy to transform this companies centered in the paper format to the digital one. [Article in Spanish]