Service Management


Services account for more than 70% of developed countries GDP, but most of the management tools have been devised to manage physical products. Therefore, lots of services companies can’t extract the full value of their management systems and end up managing in a intuitive way, loosing valuable opportunities for improvement.
To make the most of these opportunities, Cynertia helps you with service science methodologies suited for the service sector so you can manage your company in the most effective way.
From Cynertia we collaborate with your company in order to:
  • Develop appealing new service offerings.
  • Design and implement an efficient service delivery system.
  • Research, design and improve your customer experience and service encounters to improve customer value.
  • Develop customer-centric business models.

Service Management Phases


Cynertia’s consultants will bring to your project their background in training managers in the postgraduate program in Service Management and Engineering at the UPC School, and their experience in service development and improvement projects.




Do you want to develop and improve your services?


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