WorkBook: CRM, Projects, resources, invoices and accounting

A common need of Professional Services firms, either SMB or big corporations, is having available information systems that allow to the organization to minimize the management effort so all the resources can be turned into activities providing revenue from customers.


WorkBook enables the automation of the management lifecycle in an agile and integrated manner.

  • Integrated because it helps to link easily commercial offers, jobs, activities and billing, including all its document management.
  • Agile because its web interface is intuitive and requires only the needed information without loosing any speed of use.

10 reasons to choose WorkBook:

  • CHEAP: You are only charged monthly by the number of users accessing the system.
  • QUICK: Rollout in 2 to 4 weeks, installed "on the cloud".
  • DECISSION MAKING: The integrated information enables clear management decissions.
  • CONTROL: The finance module provides an effective billing and receivables management.
  • VISIBILITY: Projects have a clear vision of budget, time entries and expenses.
  • LOWER MISTAKES: The system automates the time and expense entry, their approval and their billing control.
  • INTEGRATED: The system has a tight integration with email, schedule and document management systems.
  • CONFIGURABLE: Easy to configure reports that provide custom visibility for each organization.
  • COMPATIBLE: Web accesss from the Internet, either for PC and MAC.
  • KNOWLEDGE SHARING: The Dashboard can be used as an intranet. Person, project and customer blogs allow to share what's going on.


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